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My client wants to use Whatsapp - Why and why not?

26 August 2022

Over 100 billion messages on WhatsApp will be sent today alone. WhatsApp and other social chat platforms have changed the way we communicate with our family and friends and across generations. It has effectively replaced email in our personal lives as it is so intuitive and convenient to use. Read more in Pimfa Journal

Every company needs to ensure staff and client data is kept safe and private

28 June 2022

Therefore, every company must be vigilant and ensure their staff and client data is protected when working from home, as well as in-office environments. For this reason, Cybernews asked Laurent Guyot, the Director and the CFO at Qwil to introduce our readers to modern and secure business communication platforms and explain what are the best practices to avoid data breaches.

Why you shouldn’t use WhatsApp for work

1 June 2022

The pandemic has brought work into our homes, our devices, and our personal messaging apps. Working from home has changed how we communicate with our colleagues and clients, and many businesses are using personal communications tools like WhatsApp in their day-to-day. However, there are many reasons why it is high-risk to use WhatsApp for workplace communications.

How we ensure GDPR compliance

20 January 2022

Qwil is built to ensure compliance with GDPR and data privacy regulations globally, enabling firms to be fully accountable for their data. Qwil facilitates fast and secure interactions between high-trust companies and their clients. Hence we cater for both our customers and their clients when it comes to GDPR compliance.

5 reasons why you should start using Qwil today

17 December 2021

In today's digital world your staff needs to be able to communicate and collaborate at work in a way that is simple, flexible, and effective. Qwil provides your organisation with the right tools to collaborate extensively from remote locations, from multiple devices, and without the risk of information silos or missed communications.

What chat app do you need?

2 December 2021

The chat landscape is a minefield. We agree. There are SO many chat apps out there which has made it increasingly difficult for companies to compare. It is not only about functionality, but most importantly what you want users (and clients) to be able to do on the channel.

Cyber security: Proactive vs Reactive.

20 November 2021

We are all exposed to cyber crime and not a day passes without hearing of a data breach from companies of all sizes, ransom attack or phishing attempts to gain access to client details. Cyber security is therefore the number one concern of all CEO’s but what techniques are there to stay a step ahead? Should we be reactive or proactive or both?

Your users deserve a chat app, not just a chat tab.

21 October 2021

When we design Qwil and add functionality, we abide by the rule that one app does one thing well. We are not a tab, we are a standalone app for staff, clients and multiple companies. We didn’t come up with it, Mark Zuckenberg did when he forced 1 billion users in 2014 to download their separate Messenger app, after removing all chat features from the main Facebook app.

Don’t put your business at risk just by “accepting” social chat use by your staff

11 November 2019

Instant Messaging (“Chat”) has become the most popular form of communication not only replacing email in our private lives but highlighting the need for the same efficient and convenient technology at work and to service clients. Due to its rapid adoption, tools such as WhatsApp have been passively “accepted” (or worse, promoted) without appreciating the legal and regulatory risks which the business has now taken. There has been hundreds of articles covering the security risks and personal data usage (don’t forget WhatsApp is part of Facebook) but very few answering the simple question – what risks do I really have as an employer if my employees use WhatsApp?

Chat Myths vs Chat Reality

11 November 2019

Chat has fundamentally changed the way we communicate with our family and friends. The same technology is now entering the workplace sometimes just for internal purposes (with Slack or MS teams) or with the ability to go outside of the firm, with clients, which is where our solution, Qwil comes in. It is so simple, but so disruptive at the same time. We summarise the top 6 comments and our answers gathered over 100s of meetings and training sessions while deploying Qwil.

Qwil Messenger cuts contract signing down to 10 minutes with DocuSign

25 April 2019

A new contract workflow and integration with Salesforce helps UK professional chat service, Qwil, scale across the globe. Having considered a variety of solutions, CFO Laurent Guyot explains how the ability to manage the contract lifecycle – from generation, to in-term upgrades, renewals and even payment handling – led to Qwil adopting DocuSign in 2018.

Just having WhatsApp installed could be a GDPR breach

8 October 2018

Although not designed for business usage, WhatsApp has nevertheless become a principal communication channel for staff and clients due to the lack of a suitable alternative.

Despite many compliance departments banning the use of WhatsApp at work, is it too little too late if your staff have already installed the app and accepted the terms?

Why are secret social chat apps still being used in professional firms?

5 May 2018

As all companies prepare for new data protection regulation, giving rights back to individuals and improved access by authorities to data, differentiating between secrecy and privacy has become even more important.

This is especially relevant when we consider the importance of chat platforms in our daily life and the reliance on an un-interrupted service for professional communications.

Why is WhatsApp being used for business purposes?

20 April 2018

Highlighting the dangers, risks or even penalties associated with the use of a product is usually not enough to change a person’s behaviour.

A proper alternative which delivers an equivalent or superior experience or outcome must be offered.

The increasing need for data proximity globally

12 April 2018

The transition from on-premise to cloud-based server solutions is well underway as companies recognise their ease of management, scalability, flexibility, security and significant cost benefits.

Whereas deciding where to house in the cloud was initially driven by technical or cloud availability, this has now shifted to meet ever evolving legal and regulatory data protection policies globally.

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