Features - Automation and Bots

Automate tasks and conversations and scale your workflows

Increase your productivity by streamlining tasks and communications in Qwil. Save time and improve efficiency by automating complex tasks.

Bring your workflows into Qwil or add our capabilities to your existing workflows. From sending messaging campaigns, to capturing data in forms, increase your organisation’s productivity and transform your business.

Reach your audience with campaigns

Send messages to 1000s of users in one go. Generate and send personalised messages to your clients and increase your engagement by sending marketing information to a more targeted and responsive audience. Monitor the performance of your campaigns with key engagement metrics.

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Collect better data with forms

Capture structured information as part of secure conversations. Use our templates or design your own forms and send them to one or many participants in one click. Get immediate confirmation a form has been received and completed. Instantly visualise response data and integrate it into your existing systems.

Automated workflows

Our custom-made and pre-defined workflows have you covered to deliver targeted and consistent messages. Leverage our embedded bots to easily integrate data into your processes and systems.

Delivery and optimisation

Reach out to your users via a single platform to achieve the best results and maximize outreach. Increase your open rates by sending campaigns through chat.

On a single platform

Verified identities replace the need for legacy processes (such as signatures). Avoid information getting lost in various communication channels. Send campaigns, forms, or use bots to interact, all without ever leaving Qwil or logging in to a separate service.

Automate tasks with bots

Streamline the interactions between people and services. Bots have a name and an avatar, and you can use them to automate messages and tasks. Increase your team productivity, reduce pain points and make working simpler for your users.

Integrate with your systems

Use our APIs to build custom integrations with your tools and systems, or use our out-of-the-box connectors e.g. Salesforce. Searching and integration is enabled by user records having their organisational identifiers attached.

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What our customers say

"We needed our own method of communicating with clients that we felt would not only work as intuitively as existing chat functions, but would give us additional confidence that both ourselves and our clients could communicate in an encrypted, secure and compliant manner."

"I now use Qwil for all my electronic communication with clients and prospects as it’s easy to track all our conversations and refer back to specific points we have discussed and the timing of them. I no longer have the issue of having to find that email you can never find when you need it most!"

"Qwil is like WhatsApp for financial and professional services. It is a product which we believe has significant potential to improve the engagement with clients."

"It is always a challenge in our industry to offer new technologies that are also robust and secure. It’s great in this instance that the hard work has been done for you."

In short

The all-in one professional platform
for client interactions and collaboration

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