All your files securely in one place
Share documents easily

No need for a separate portal or document repository for your clients.

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View, search, and organise files

Have all documents, images, and videos automatically stored in a centralised, secure and compliant space. Find any file using keywords, date, sender or filtering by file type and review directly within Qwil.

Share files on chat

Any file can be sent to any staff or client directly from the document manager with full traceability. Share documents with your whole team by simply dragging and dropping in a chat.

Seamless integration and access

Manage business documents within a sophisticated document management system which is already built in Qwil. An extra tab, not an extra app.

GDPR compliant

Track file sharing communications and report on them over time; read receipts allow you to be sure a document was successfully delivered. Fully auditable transactions eliminate the cost of post and help you and your business go paperless.

File retention

Prevent permanent file deletion and comply with your document retention policies. Easily remove a user’s access to all files when an employee leaves your organisation.

Know your documents are safe

Benefit from Qwil's advanced security and compliance features; audit trails on chats and documents, advanced permission capabilities, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) and BYOD controls.

Import documents directly into the document manager

Make documents available to Qwil users by uploading into the document manager. You can notify staff or clients and share when required. Each file has a unique ID that allows you to integrate into your other business systems.

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What our customers say

"We needed our own method of communicating with clients that we felt would not only work as intuitively as existing chat functions, but would give us additional confidence that both ourselves and our clients could communicate in an encrypted, secure and compliant manner."

"I now use Qwil for all my electronic communication with clients and prospects as it’s easy to track all our conversations and refer back to specific points we have discussed and the timing of them. I no longer have the issue of having to find that email you can never find when you need it most!"

"Qwil is like WhatsApp for financial and professional services. It is a product which we believe has significant potential to improve the engagement with clients."

"It is always a challenge in our industry to offer new technologies that are also robust and secure. It’s great in this instance that the hard work has been done for you."

In short

The all-in one professional platform
for client interactions and collaboration

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