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Emails and SMS messages are insecure and under attack. Qwil Messenger makes it easy for your staff and clients to chat and share files securely.

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Qwil Messenger solves the challenge of making conversations safe and compliant when it matters most: between your staff and their prospects, clients and partners. Our cloud-based platform enables participants in any location to engage in branded, professional conversations with their companies whilst meeting the most stringent security and regulatory requirements. Just swipe between each company's brand space and securely chat, share documents and attachments. It's that simple.

Synced across multiple devices

Qwil Messenger can be accessed from multiple devices on both mobile and desktop. Your chats are synchronised across all your devices. You can sign in using your Qwil account details from as many of your devices as you like.

that works the way you want it to


Looks and feels like chat. Invite, share,
track and be notified in a familiar way.


Chat with the right participants,
at the right time.


Chat information used only for intended
business purposes and no other.


Know that users and businesses
are who they say they are.


Your data is protected and remains
private at all times.


Supports recording requirements for
company communications.

as an integrated solution

Our solution includes out-of-the-box integrations and connectors with popular enterprise products. We provide an extensive set of open APIs to support countless integration scenarios and have a network of implementation partners  that can help you to leverage and monetise your investment in our conversational commerce platform.

Salesforce Connected

Manage your own branded chats with clients directly from Salesforce.
Integrate your instant conversations with your existing workflows.

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What our customers say

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"We are delighted to announce that we have selected Qwil Messenger to provide an additional channel for our Partners to communicate securely with their clients. The team at Qwil worked with us to rapidly deploy the solution and Qwil is now available to all Partner practices and their clients. We chose Qwil because it is easy and intuitive to use, is secure and seamlessly integrates to Salesforce."

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“Qwil Messenger is like WhatsApp for financial and professional services. It is a product which we believe has significant potential to improve the engagement with clients."

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“We needed our own method of communicating with clients that we felt would not only work as intuitively as existing chat functions, but would give us additional confidence that both ourselves and our clients could communicate in an encrypted, secure and compliant manner.”

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“We want to be at the forefront when it comes to technology enabled services for our clients, and we saw that Qwil Messenger could help differentiate our proposition."

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“It is always a challenge in our industry to offer new technologies that are also robust and secure. It’s great in this instance that the hard work has been done for you.”

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"Qwil Messenger is now integral to our proposition to clients starting from the prospecting phase."

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“It is a win-win for everyone. Clients are happy as they have their financial adviser when they need them and can share sensitive information without the usual hassle.”

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Latest News

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Qwil Messenger Awarded ISO-27001 Certification

Qwil Messenger has been awarded ISO 27001 certification, a widely recognized international standard outlining best practices for information security management systems (ISMS).

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