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Businesses of all sizes use Qwil to service clients anytime, anywhere increasing both client and staff satisfaction.

Coordinate sales, manage agreements, and focus on your clients. Bring your staff together, streamline and shorten sales cycles, boost your growth and improve your relationships. Solve the need for both internal and external communications with our dedicated digital solution.

What our customers say

"GDPR and data privacy were top of the list. Our growth meant hiring many more people and being responsible for more and more personal details. But what? And how? At the same time, most of our internal communications were conducted on WhatsApp and that needed to change. It was out of our control, we could not monitor it and therefore not compliant. We knew we had to put the tools in place to not put our business at risk. This is where Qwil came in."

Pophams Bakery

Be productive anywhere focusing on clients

Get work done and stay connected, with other staff but more importantly with your clients whether you’re working remotely or onsite, on mobile or on desktop.

  • Chat, send confidential documents or pictures and meet with video all in the same conversation knowing everyone is who they say they are.
  • Coordinate the client conversation by adding colleagues or delegating.
  • Invite prospects and facilitate the onboarding journey.
  • Know what has been discussed, read, and agreed. Everything is logged.

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Secure your business

Help safeguard your client and business data with an invitation only platform, full encryption, built-in security controls and compliance features.

  • Defend against cyberthreats.
  • Make customer data more secure (no more email or social chat use!).
  • Never worry about missing data or chat history.
  • Meet GDPR and data privacy regulation globally.
  • Learn more about security.

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Get a cost-effective solution

Streamline IT setup with rapid deployment, centralised management, and costs with a single and flexible communication platform. Benefit from an enterprise solution independently of your size.

  • Consolidate channels – no need for secure inboxes, apps, portals or mail.
  • Improve staff productivity.
  • Save IT, compliance costs and training cost with intuitive user interface.
  • Simplify internal processes.
  • Connect to our AD, Salesforce connectors or build integration and automation with our APIs.

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