Qwil Messenger is a business subscription service for which you only pay for staff users*. Clients and partners are free.

Securely chat with your clients in minutes

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2. Sign & Pay

3. Verify Identity

4. Activate

- Instantly deploy your own secure, branded chat service between your staff and clients.

- Replace the use of insecure email and non-compliant social chat in your business.

- Meet the latest global compliance and data privacy regulation (including GDPR).

Choose one of our subscription plans


For smaller firms wanting to instantly deploy an out-of-the box solution.

£200 unlimited user offer for first 3 months

Try Qwil Messenger for 3 months for only £200. Standard subscription fees of £20 per staff user per month apply after the expiry of the introductory period.

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For larger firms or those who want to get more out of their chat solution.

Price on Request


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For enterprise customers who need a fully integrated chat channel.

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*Minimum user subscriptions required. All per user product plans (excluding offers) require an annual contract. 
Additional hosting and service fees may apply for Professional and Enterprise Plan customers.

Essentials Plan

The Qwil Messenger Essentials Plan includes all the features required to rapidly deploy a standalone chat service between your business and clients. Our cloud-based platform doesn't require IT experts to set up or manage — simply sign-in and start connecting your staff and clients via chat.

Chat Features

Multi-party chats

Users can securely access the platform to create instant, persistent chats with unlimited participants that synchronise seamlessly across all of their mobile and desktop devices.

Text, photos and files

Send multi-language text messages, photos, URLs and file attachments (docx, pdf, xlsx, bmp, jpg etc.) up to 50mb each. Photos taken within the app and shared are not stored in the device camera roll.

Invite and leave chats

Our chat participation rules ensure that chats with clients are confidentially co-ordinated by their staff representatives as and when appropriate. Access between contacts is entirely within your firm's control (see bespoke contact lists below).

Remove participants

Any participant can be removed from a chat thread by your staff representatives. You distinguish staff and clients in your business, and Qwil Messenger does the same with special features for staff to manage the conversation.


Receive anonymised message receipt via push notification services on mobile, and full message details via browser notifications that allow you to directly access the chat thread. Privacy is maintained at all times.

Mute chats

Mute a specific chat thread to stop receiving new message alerts. Chat badges are still updated but no audible or visible push notifications are sent for muted  threads.

Profile status

Users can set their availability which is visible for all. A red dot appears under a user’s avatar to flag that they are unavailable at that time. A bespoke message can also be specified that appears under a user's profile (for example with details on timing or representative to contact).

Read receipt

Read receipt for each message sent is a mandatory setting for all users on the platform for audit purposes. A familiar single tick indicator is shown for messages sent, and two ticks are displayed once they are read.

Name chats

Users are required to name each chat thread upon creation and can update this name as the chat progresses and messages are exchanged over time. This is key for record keeping and system integration.

Administration and Controls

User access

Control who is invited to engage at your firm on Qwil Messenger. These users can be assigned your unique ID (Staff ID or Client ID) to enable automated integration, searching and removal. Instantly remove leavers who should no longer have access to your organisation’s data with a single click.

Bespoke contact lists

Using our Groups functionality, you can configure your client coverage model within each user’s contact lists and control who can directly chat to each other on the platform. These contact lists can be dynamically updated to reflect any changes in your coverage model.

Authorised devices 

All users can review and manage the devices authorised to connect using their profile on Qwil Messenger. This also allows users to remove access from devices they no longer use or have lost.

Staff access controls

Deploy Qwil Messenger as part of your BYOD strategy for staff within minutes and without the need for a Mobile Device Management solution. Our BYOD settings are built-in, and give your firm control over your corporate data on staff devices.


Define and apply your logo and corporate colours in minutes so users immediately know they are engaging with your firm on Qwil Messenger. Specify your own legal terms of use that need to be explicitly accepted by each user you invite to chat.

Chat review and audit

Every chat and action taken on Qwil Messenger is recorded in your secure cloud allowing you to comply with regulatory requirements. You can grant specific staff users access to locate any chat undertaken in your organisation and review/export the details via our web app (coming soon).

Data Hosting and Security

User provisioning

Qwil Messenger is a highly secure invitation-only service. We provide a comprehensive end-to-end provisioning process that meets the most stringent security requirements. At the same time, we also ensure our processes are intuitive and can easily by completed by any user.


Our multi-factor authentication process applies for all user access to the platform whether it is on mobile or browser-based access on a computer. Limited access attempts are enforced, and repeated failure results in access revocation and local data removal on mobile devices.

Data usage

Your chat data is owned by you and your participants. Period. Your data remains under your control and is not shared, accessed or monetised by anyone other than your firm. This allows you to comply with global data privacy regulations such as GDPR.


At rest, your data on our servers is encrypted both at block level and at a logical level where we own and maintain our own keys. All traffic transmitted uses either the HTTPS and WSS secure protocols encrypted via standard SSL termination using TLS 1.2 with no downgrade allowed.

Secure cloud

Your company chat data is hosted in our secure cloud in one of our many global data centres, in line with your regulatory needs. Our deployments are highly resilient and infinitely scalable, so you don't need to worry about service availability and performance.

Web and mobile apps

Qwil Messenger provides a standalone app for both web and mobile. Together these provide the user interface for all users, with additional functionality provided to staff users via the web app. Our mobile apps employ advanced security controls to ensure your data remains safe at all times.

Support Services

Implementation guides

Our comprehensive implementation guides will enable you to deploy the service in minutes. This includes templated examples to tailor your legal terms of use and client communications about the service.

Training material

Our administration and business user training guides provide all you need to train your staff users about leveraging the platform. Qwil Messenger looks and feels like chat. However, guides are also available for client and partners if required.

Customer support

Our extensive set of online FAQs provide answers to commonly asked questions. Up to two nominated business contacts also have access to email support during business hours.

Professional Plan

The Qwil Messenger Professional Plan includes all the features included with the Essentials Plan plus the option of the following additional services and support.

Additional Services and Support

Exclusive private cloud

Host your data in your own exclusive Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) separate from other Qwil Messenger customers in our global hosting location of your choice.

Multi-brand deployment

Host multiple company brands in their own separate tenancies within the same app. This can be supported within our multi-tenant cloud or within your own exclusive VPC.

Additional controls

Server-side configuration settings can be applied to limit staff web app access to company workstations. Also restrict allowable attachment types and any file encryption settings applied to files sent.

Batch upload

Manage the creation of your user data by using our batch upload functionality. Using a standard CSV format, you can automatically populate users and groups and semi-automate the provisioning process.

Chat export

Manually export your Qwil Messenger chat data ready to load onto your client activity history in your client management system (coming soon).

Active Directory sync

Automate your staff leaver, movers and joiners processes by synchronising your staff access permissions in Qwil Messenger with your Active Directory installation (coming soon).  


Up to two nominated business contacts have access to our customer success representatives both via chat and email 24/5.

Enterprise Plan

The Qwil Messenger Enterprise Plan includes all the features included with the Professional Plan plus the option of the following additional services and support.

Additional Services and Support


With over 200+ open APIs and a chatbot framework, our enterprise integration capabilities ensure Qwil Messenger can enable the next generation of highly efficient user interaction in a safe and compliant way for your business. 

CRM integration

Automatically load your Qwil Messenger chat data onto your client activity history in your CRM or client management system using your organisation's unique client IDs.

Enhanced compliance

Context exporting and integration with enterprise vault solutions and surveillance tools. Expression filters and key term notification triggers can also be enabled.

Hybrid cloud/on-premise

Host your data in your own cloud or on-premise in your data centre. Qwil Messenger is able to be deployed in almost any data centre, in any location globally. 

Multiple VPCs / locations

Host multiple tenancies in different physical jurisdictions. This can be supported within our multi-tenant cloud or within several of your own exclusive VPCs, or in your on-premise infrastructure.


Up to five nominated business contacts have access to our customer success representatives both via chat and email 24/7. Expert professional services available to support your implementation activities.

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