Safe. Compliant. Chat.

In times of crisis, communication to staff and clients is more important than ever

Qwil Messenger solves the challenge of making chat safe and compliant when it matters most: between staff, partners and clients. Firms can rapidly deploy our SaaS platform to replace the use of insecure email and non-compliant social chat in their business.

Crises such as the current coronavirus pandemic typically trigger two key issues for businesses that can be mitigated by using Qwil Messenger.

How can staff be responsive to clients when the crisis affects your business (i.e. a spike in inbound contact from clients worried about increased market volatility)?

How does your business cope when a crisis requires you to invoke your business continuity plans and you need to be able to securely co-ordinate communication across your business?

Client Responsiveness

Being responsive to clients in times of market turmoil is a big advantage for organisations allowing them to clearly demonstrate the value of their service.

Qwil Messenger enables:
  • Frictionless, real-time conversation anywhere in a fast and intimate communication medium.
  • Staff to co-ordinate multiple conversations at the same time thereby improving the ability to support higher demand.
  • You to overcome issues if traditional communication channels are compromised/impaired by the impacts of a broader crisis on infrastructure and business continuity measures in place.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity Management (BCM) efforts need to be supported by secure and compliant technology running on separate/redundant infrastructure.

Qwil Messenger enables you to:
  • No longer rely on social tools such as WhatsApp for BCM which can put your business at risk due to security and compliance issues.
  • Quickly deploy and scale a BCM tool capable of both sending notifications to employees efficiently as well as enable the co-ordination of response efforts as and when required.
  • Overcome issues with existing business infrastructure (office, remote access limitations) being compromised in a crisis and unable to support the execution of BCM plans and processes.

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About Qwil Messenger

Qwil Messenger is a single chat app for everyone, allowing clients of multiple firms to safely engage with their staff representatives within a branded space, fully controlled and coordinated by each firm. Our extensive APIs enable countless automation possibilities (from automating statements, to crisis management) and integration such as AD and Salesforce.

We are subscription service for which you only pay for your internal (staff) users - prospects, clients, members, volunteers and any other external party is free of charge.

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