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Safe. Compliant. Conversation.

Instant messaging is the way we now communicate with our family and friends. But what professional tools do you have to engage with clients outside of your firm? How do you ensure your business data is safe and managed in accordance with data protection regulations?

Deploy your branded chat app for your staff and clients to chat and share documents easily knowing that the security and compliance requirements have been met.

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Watch our demo above to find out more.  Over 2,800 firms are now using Qwil. Start your 14 day free trial today.

Why would I use Qwil Messenger?

Qwil Messenger supports engagement across the full client life-cycle, from the moment you qualify a prospect, to facilitate an exceptional on-boarding experience in addition to all subsequent engagement. Read here how are customers are using Qwil and client feedback.

Is Qwil just an extra channel? Qwil Messenger not only replaces email for communication with clients but allows you to communicate rather than just correspond. Just like social chat platforms you can exchange messages, but can also share documents and images in a simple, safe and compliant app. Read what is coming next here including Video and screen sharing.

Why is Qwil Messenger unique?
Qwil has two user types, staff and clients who are all securely invited to a branded tenancy with contact lists and co-ordination rules defined by your firm. Everything is secure, recorded and without the need for further passwords as all users are verified. Every conversation is recorded and searchable by your authorised staff and you alone control your business data.

How secure is it?
Qwil is a banking-grade application. Security and privacy are ensured by being invitation only using 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) AND having all data encrypted in transit and at rest (amongst many other things). We are ISO27001 certified, and have passed some of the largest financial institutions security review. Check out our security whitepaper for more details.

How easy is it to deploy?
Qwil is deployable in minutes. We know that no one has time to read long instruction manuals. Tools have to be intuitive for both staff and clients to use, with limited training required. Reading our one pager or watching our 15 minute training video is all it takes for you to know everything you need to know about using Qwil Messenger.

How does it integrate with my other systems?
Qwil Messenger offers over 45 APIs for systems integration and endless automation. We partner with many of the world's leading client management platforms such as Salesforce , Wealth Dynamix and others, and offer-out-of-the-box integrations. Learn more here .

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WhatsApp privacy and the FCA guidance on social chat tools

WhatsApp has revolutionarised the way we communicate. We all use it. So what does the recent news mean and why can't I use it for work?

WhatsApp data privacy policies : WhatsApp has just made it clear what data is being shared (contacts, phone details etc) with Facebook. It is not new and it is a free service after-all. However, sharing the same data becomes a privacy breach when used by professionals.

FCA data control: Data privacy is just one aspect, even more importantly is data control per the FCA newsletter. Is everything recorded? What happens if a staff leaves? Do you know what is being shared? You don't allow staff to use personal email with clients and the same applies here with chat apps.

Recommendation: Simply deploy Qwil Messenger to all staff and clients and you don't need to think of either of these problems.

Click on this link to read our article on how social tools put businesses at risk.

What our customers say

"The team at Qwil worked with us to rapidly deploy to all Partner practices and their clients. We chose Qwil because it is easy and intuitive to use, is secure and seamlessly integrates to Salesforce.”

St. James's Place

“We want to be at the forefront when it comes to technology enabled services for our clients, and we saw that Qwil Messenger could help differentiate our proposition."

Nedbank Private Wealth

We decided to use Qwil Messenger because as a practice we are super conscious about making everything as secure as possible for ourselves and our clients. Everybody knows someone who has had their emails hacked .
Financial Adviser

The main motivation was the current encryption system is not liked by clients dislike it so this experience is so much better. Also, the upcoming automated keeping of records on Salesforce will make finding records easier for us.
UK Wealth Manager

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